The Art of Receiving

The Art of Receiving

Master the art of receiving and your life will be filled with joy. The Universe operates within a balanced system of give and take.  Maybe you are skilled at giving to others, but need a little practice when it comes to receiving. There are things you can look for so you know whether you are in a receiving state. 

When you are receptive you feel relaxed and peaceful. As if everything is working well in your life. You are grateful for the many blessings that come to you everyday. Even if this isn't a reality for you currently, you can begin to change your habits so you will be in a receiving state more of the time.

If someone is a good receiver they have made gratitude a way of life. If you receive a gift no matter what it is, be grateful and happy. Practice making gratitude a habit in your life and you will receive unlimited blessings. Keep a journal with you all day so you can focus on the wonderful things you receive. This will allow your subconscious mind to accept your new grateful personality. Whenever a gift comes, accept it graciously and feel how wonderful it feels to receive. Savor every experience and take in all the joy.

Receiving will allow your life to come into alignment with your heart's desires. If you are working hard and still haven't seen results it's because you have to let go and receive too. Your job is to take action on the insight you receive and bring the spiritual essence into physical form. 

There is a belief that hard work will create happiness, but it can only come when you are able to receive. Notice the beauty in everything and take in all the wonderful sensations. Happiness can be enhanced as you become a good receiver.

Imagine how it feels when you send energy out in creative action. Then imagine what it feels like to pull energy in. These are two very different and distinct feelings. Once you understand the difference then you will be able to move in and out of these states with relative ease.

Remember that inner harmony requires you to be action oriented half the time and the other half receptive. You can also have them both working in a synergistic whole.  This way you are dancing with the divine co-creating your life together. 


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Steps to Unleash Your Receiving Channels


  • Relaxation- Find ways you can relax and de-stress. Create a list of things you can do when you feel overwhelmed and need to feel more inner peace. As you grow to understand your needs you will get better at knowing what's best for yourself. Aromatherapy, Nature Walks, Baths, Laughter, Yoga, Massage, Breathing, and Spa Treatments are all ways you can learn to relax. 
  • Gratitude Journal- To increase abundance and prosperity in your life become grateful for everything. You can teach yourself how to be grateful by placing your focus primarily on the things you enjoy. When you wake up in the morning and before bed, dwell on the things you are grateful for. Keep track of the wonderful things happening in your life. You will soon begin to notice there are so many miracles you can hardly keep track of them all. 
  • Imagination- Use your imagination to help you understand the characteristics of giving and receiving. Start to practice ways you can move from giving into receiving throughout your day.  Imagine yourself acting on your intuitions and feeling inspired to work on your new ideas and plans. Imagine what it feels like to receive the beauty of life. 

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