ESspirituality04Your divine destiny is awaiting your arrival. There is a unique path that has been created just for you. By harmonizing with your spiritual nature you will gain insight into what your destiny is. Miracles are a part of your everyday life as the evolution of your soul continues to expand. 

Spirituality can be explained in many ways, but at its core, spirituality is love. Your soul's essence is pure high vibrational love. Religions are teaching love, but take different paths to attain the same thing. There isn't any right or wrong way to find your spirituality. It's a journey where you continue to discover deeper aspects of yourself. 

Your soul moves you towards things that are exciting and magical so you can enjoy life and be happy.  It's always calling you to come out of your comfort zone and experience the new. Step through the fear of the unknown and exhilarating doorways will be opened to you. Every time you move through another layer  you experience a more expanded consciousness and deeper wholeness. 

This is an abundant and loving planet. Wherever you choose to place your focus, that is what you will encounter in life. If you choose to see the world in a loving light, you will experience many loving events. Focus on love, compassion, generosity, and kindness and you will become those things.

Create an affirmation to memorize. This will be a statement that becomes who you are. For example, "My life is filled with generosity and love." Choose an affirmation that fits best with your life circumstances. If you say this affirmation enough it will eventually become you. 

Developing your spiritual nature can take patience and persistence. Walking on uncharted paths that others fear will be what is asked of you. As you continue to do this you will blossom like the lotus flower up from the mud and into your beauty. Trusting in things unseen will be your new way of functioning. You will have a true and real love for yourself that seemed impossible before. 

The true spiritual masters are those who can maintain a state of harmony regardless of outer circumstances. Your inner state is always a match to what you see in your physical world.  As you progress on your path the old ways of being will fall away and you will experience a complete transformation. At this point your life will be joyous most of the time.

You are greater and far more magnificent than you know and as you continue to trust the spiritual nature within yourself you will discover this blessing. Within unity you will find wholeness. The merging of polarities. There is no right or wrong. There is only this moment. Everything is NOW. As you apply these concepts within, you will have inner peace. 

A spiritual practice will help you discover this profound inner peace. As you move through the phases of your spiritual awakening you will have built a foundation that is stable and secure. There will be nothing that can shake your inner empowerment because you have now woken up to the truth of who you are. 

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