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Spiritual PrototypeWhen you get an idea to create something new in your physical reality, a spiritual prototype is formed. A spiritual prototype is a framework that has been made in the unseen realms. This prototype is as real as anything else you see with your eyes, it just hasn't had time to crystallize yet.

Initially following the creation of your new spiritual prototype you will most likely be in a positive mindset because it will inspire and excite you when you think about it. You may see synchronicities and signs showing you that the framework for this prototype has been established. This usually happens within the first week of the creation of your prototype.

After the first couple of weeks things start to collapse and your life may look very chaotic for awhile. This coupled with impatience creates a negative mindset regarding your spiritual prototype. It all depends on how big your transformation is to know how much turbulence you will experience. The more unsettling means the greatest change. It may appear that everything around you is falling apart, but if you a have proper understanding of the ways of the Universe, you will know that the old is collapsing and the new will soon come into being. This is where faith and trust are paramount.

It’s during this time when many people give up on their spiritual prototype. When things start falling apart it looks as if things are getting much worse before they get better. Unforeseeable circumstances will appear that may upset your current way of life. Always remember the Universe knows the quickest route to get you to where you want to go so just allow it to work its magic.You are letting go of the old and the new is forming.

This is an interesting place to be in as you are in the middle of two worlds. The old is slipping away and the new hasn’t come in yet. This is where you must hold on and believe in your dreams. Know that this unsettling transition will soon be over. It is just a stepping stone taking you to exactly where you want to be.

The miraculous power of the Universe is bringing you the physical equivalent of your spiritual prototype. You may feel like giving up just when you are in your darkest hour, but if you hang on for just a bit more, this is when your new reality will find you.

"Its Always Darkest Before the Dawn"

There is nothing you have to do except listen to your intuition and follow the guidance you receive. You will be able to tell if the information is correct because it will feel light and flowing. Initially your ego may have a problem with change and so you may also feel resistance to these new ideas, but you must trust because the Universe is pulling you into your highest self.

Ways to Stay Aligned with Your Spiritual Prototype

Stay Positive- Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy. Even if you only do this one thing and nothing else you will align.

Let Go- Allow your old life to fall away even if you cannot see the evidence of the new yet.

Live Your Life- Go about your days as if you don't have a care in the world. Have faith that your prototype has been created in the spiritual realms and it will only be a matter of time before it manifests into your physical reality.

Listen To Your Intuition- When you get an idea to take inspired action, do it. You will know if it's the right thing if you feel a sense of lightness and happiness in your heart.

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