Skin Spa Essential Oils

Relax and Rejuvenate with Skin Spa Essential Oil Kit! It comes with hand selected essential oils perfect for your skincare creations. Read the product description for ways to use these essential oils in your everyday skincare routine. This will dramatically improve and repair your skin no matter what skin type.

Pure Organic Wild Crafted Essential Oils

  • Jojoba
  • Rosehips and Lavender
  • Pomegranate
  • Frankincense
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Palmarosa
  • Kiwi
  • Geranium
  • Thyme linalool
  • Lavendar


Skin Spa Essential Oil Kit is a nourishing collection of healing, restorative skin oils. Each essential elixir has been hand-picked for its ability to revitalize the skin, promote healthy skin functioning, offer protection from the elements and treat damage due to aging. Consider this kit your all-in-one answer for your best skin ever and have fun mixing your own splendid creations!

Jojoba – Nature’s most effective moisturizer is closest in composition to the body’s natural sebum, leading to effortless absorption by the skin. Containing all soluble forms of Vitamin E, jojoba can be applied to the scalp to relieve flaking and dryness, massaged into skin after a shower or bath, or applied to dry lips and nails for an overnight moisturizing treatment. (15ml bottle for both kit options)

Rosehips and Lavender – Gentle lavender and revitalizing rosehips soothe skin after the rigors of waxing and environmental stresses. The fatty acids in rosehips oil and the toning power of lavender are said to reduce the appearance of scars and regenerate damaged skin. (15ml bottle for both kit options)

Pomegranate – Packed with antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids, pomegranate oil is said to improve skin’s elasticity, reverse the signs of aging, and treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Blend into a massage oil for post-sun treatment, or mix with a serum and apply all over the face and neck before bedtime.

Frankincense –  Sacred frankincense is the most fortifying oil in our collection. Used for thousands of years to sanctify skin and spirit, this oil is renowned for its ability to heal wounds, fade scars, moisturize and reduce inflammation. Apply neat to wounds, cuts, and scars, or use as a makeup remover or astringent after washing the face morning and night.

Roman Chamomile – Roman chamomile is not only endlessly calming for body and mind; it’s a potent skin treatment for insect bites, scrapes, cuts, boils, and dermatitis. Apply directly to skin or blend with a carrier oil to treat abrasions, massage around bruises, or add to bath water to decrease inflammation from bug bites.

Palmarosa – Lemon and rose-scented palmarosa oil is used to regenerate skin cells, restore balance, and speed the skin’s healing process. Add a few drops to your bath, use as a massage oil, or add to the water every time you wash a fresh or healing wound.

Carrot Seed – Queen Anne’s lace balances the tissues of the face (and all other skin, for that matter!). Carrot seed oil is famous for its ability to bring balance to all skin types. It is regenerative, toning, and smoothing, especially for fine lines and wrinkles. Dilute for use in facial massage, add to lotions and face creams to boost cell regeneration, or add to a bath to detoxify and stimulate the skin.
Lavender – Sweet, soothing lavender treats the skin tenderly, restoring balance with its gentle, calming touch. Lavender is lovely just before bed, when it can be massaged into the skin covering sore joints and muscles. Lavender can also be applied neat to minor burns, or diffused as a spritz to ward off insects.

Kiwi This supercritical kiwi extract contains over 60% Omega 3 fatty acids, nature’s most potent protectors of damaged skin. Kiwi is commonly used to treat skin that has been damaged due to aging and environmental elements. Use neat or in combination with a serum to moisturize the neck and face, or blend with cream to create mad moisture for lips and eyes.

Geranium – The lovely, herbaceous fragrance of geranium oil is a deceiving mask for such a powerful medicinal tonic. Antispetic, antifungal and antibacterial, geranium is great on wounds and cuts. It encourages the skin to produce fresh, healthy cells. Apply to cuts, wounds, and scrapes. Dilute in a spritz or serum to treat facial acne, or massage into skin to prevent and fade scars.

Thyme linalool – Antiseptic without being irritating, Thyme linanlool is the answer for acne, dermatitis and inflamed skin. Blend with lavender to create an effective acne treatment, use neat to spot treat acne, or dilute into a spritz and use as a facial toner.

Empty 15ml bottle for blending – This bottle invites your most inspired creative concoctions! Use it to blend your favorite oils from this collection with each other, or with organic oils of olive, coconut to create your own personalized skin spa in a bottle.

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