ESabundance1Abundance is your natural state. Every imaginable good thing is already yours, if you will just receive it. When you are in a state of happiness, love, or gratitude you will feel abundant.

Everywhere you look you see increase and abundance. It moves upwards, always expanding and evolving into something greater. Begin to notice signs of abundance around you. It's time to create a life where anything you wish for comes true. 

Take a few deep breathes right now. Feel how special and loved you are. There is so much love here in this moment for you. Bless yourself daily with love and treat yourself with the highest respect. Do those things that are beneficial for your highest growth.

Bless everyone with love. When you think of someone, send them love. This will increase the abundance in your life. You can imagine golden light and hearts swirling around them. Forgive everyone and fill those spaces with love and abundance instead.

Bring harmony to all aspects of your life by cultivating awareness and changing your habits. There is a reason you dream big and have an ideal. It's because you are supposed to be living it. You will notice your intuition and visionary abilities increasing as you start improving the quality of your life. The insights you receive should be acted upon. You receive the inspiration and create the physical form and spirit will bring miraculous events. Meet in the middle, it's a balanced divine operation. 

You are fully connected to the flow of life. Be still and feel what is waiting to be expressed. Possibilities and creativity are infinite and can be increased when abundance is added. Follow your creative impulses. Always aligning with your highest potential and enjoying the pleasure of creating.

A grateful heart is abundant. Give more kindness to others and you will receive abundance. Focus on all the wonderful things that are happening right now. Place your focus on abundance and it will become who you are. 

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