Healing the Creative Body


Healing the creative body will bring excitement and passion into your life. You’re your creativity is stifled through nonuse; you will feel out of balance with your true nature. Creativity is a fiery energy within that must be given expression in the outer world. When your creative body is unbalanced, you will be lacking in creative ideas and your life will be unfulfilling and dull. Your creative body will expand as you work with it consistently.

Creative energy builds up and over time can cause anxiety, depression, and anger if not utilized. It could be you are having trouble identifying your creative talents, but everyone has something they are passionate about and it’s your job to find out what that is for you. It should be your primary focus to discover your inner gifts and turn them into creative expression in the world. As you continue to work with this energy you will increase your happiness in life.
The wonderful thing is your creative energy will continue to expand as you practice using your inner gifts. Once you build enough momentum and practice acting on your creative impulses, you will have an abundance of creative ideas. In fact, you will have so many you won’t know what to do with them all!
It’s ideal if you can turn your creative passion into your life’s work then you can do what you love every day. When you begin increasing your creativity, you must continuously stretch yourself past what you are currently comfortable with. It takes a lot of courage to follow your passions and give expression to your creative impulses.

Creativity is your unique expression and that means no one else will have the same ideas. With practice, you will gain in confidence and learn to trust in your creative abilities. This will allow you to stand up for yourself and not follow what others are doing and instead take your own path.
In this blog, I will teach you things that will assist you in healing your creative body and give you suggestions on how you can break through your inner blocks. You were made to express yourself in unlimited ways and the creative body must be cared for and cultivated.

Discovering Your Inner Gifts

What comes naturally to you? What do you love doing? What are your strengths? Your answers to these questions will give you valuable insight into your highest calling in life. These inner gifts are your contribution to humanity. When you are serving humanity in a higher way you are fulfilling your life’s purpose and will feel a sense of inner satisfaction. If you are not using your inner gifts you will feel stuck and frustrated by life.
There are many factors that determine how far removed you are from your inner creativity and your purpose in life. If you took on beliefs from childhood that it’s impossible to do what you love, erase those now because these beliefs are not true. Because it’s not only possible to do what you love, it’s mandatory so you can be truly happy. If not, you will continue through life feeling unfulfilled.
Finding your talents and making them your life’s work can take many years as the puzzle pieces fit together over time. The first step is to ask the Universe for signs into what your mission in life is. If you ask, you will receive an answer, but remember you must be patient. You must grow into your purpose over time and you will almost never get the whole picture at once.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”
Martin Luther King

That first step is to make a list of all the things you love to do. What are your talents, strengths, and abilities? You will find you are better than most in certain areas and these things combined equal your mission in life. No one else can create what you can. You are unique and special.
When you write, your list make sure you are in a calm and balanced mood. If you are tense and stressed the answers will not come. Once you have your list completed choose something that you can do that will increase your creative output.
For instance, if you love painting, you may not be able to turn that into your life’s work immediately, but you must start painting because this will expand your creative body. As you continue to paint you will increase your creativity and as that happens you will get even more inspiration and ideas of how to turn this into your life’s work.
Nothing happens overnight. You take the first step and as you continue this, you become proficient at your craft. When you look at the whole picture all at once you may become frozen with inaction. So, try and make it fun, let go of the pressure. Creativity blossoms when you have a lighthearted attitude about it.
As you continue to use your inner gifts they will expand beyond your wildest dreams and that is when you can begin turning your passions into your life’s work.


Techniques for Healing Your Creative Body

Practice- Try and do something creative 3-4 times per week. This will increase your creativity and you will find this continues to expand infinitely. You can excel in any area if you practice regularly. Set aside time in your schedule for this. At the appointed time just start creating.
Become Inspired- Take an inventory of your life to specify times when you felt most inspired. What did you do to attain that inner state? Relaxing into the moment is key to inspiration. Do whatever makes your heart sing. Find the ways you get motivated and write them down so you know what to do when you are feeling low.
Daydream- Daydreaming is a wonderful way to get your creativity flowing. Get yourself into a relaxed state and dream of what your life could be like if you were doing what you loved. Picture yourself doing these things and conjure up the feelings of excitement about your new dreams. This will help you move into a creative space energetically and will motivate you to take the first step.
Move Locations- You may have luck with going somewhere new to practice your creativity. If you are a write you may write better in nature, or in a busy coffee shop. Try out different locations and find the best place for your best work to flow. This will depend on your personality of course. Some people become inspired when there are many people around, others need complete silence.
Music- Listening to your favorite music will help you feel inspired and will get your creative juices flowing. Soft instrumental music can be played as you are creating, or you can play your favorite songs before you start creating as it will get you pumped up.
Laughter- Creativity increases when you are at ease and happy. Find things that make you laugh to help you relax into a creative state. You can watch funny YouTube videos or hang out with friends who have a light approach to life. If you become too serious your creative body will not function properly.
Vision Board- Make a vision board and add images that inspire you. You can make many of these boards and put them in a space that will be used as your creative studio. Vision boards are fun to make and will get your creative energy working again if it hasn’t been used in a while.
Let Go- Letting go of thoughts will heal your creative body. The mind can create a block to your creative nature. If you over think things you will become stuck. Let go of the mind while allowing your creativity to flow.
Sexuality- Sexual energy is creative energy. This energy can be transmuted into artistic creations. People often use this energy in the incorrect way which zaps creativity. Learn to channel your sexual energy properly and you will become more creative.

Be Courageous- You will get people who may criticize your work and that is OK, do not take it personally. There will be even more people who will love what you do so you must not allow other's opinions to affect you. If you are successful in allowing your creative energy to be expressed in the world you will most definitely run into this at some point.
As you use these techniques your creative output will increase exponentially. Your life will become more joyful. You will also find your purpose and mission in life as creativity is the foundation for your life’s work.

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