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Healing the Physical Body

Healing the Physical Body

Healing the physical body will uplift your life in many ways. It will also require you to implement healthy living routines. When your body gets the proper nourishment and care it needs, you feel more energetic and happy. This will enable you to handle situations in a calm and peaceful manner. Every aspect of your life will benefit greatly from healing your physical body.

Many of the healthy habits we will discuss in this blog are called Keystone Habits. Keystone Habits have an effect on many things in your life, instead of just one. If you master your Keystone Habits you will achieve exponential results. Try to focus first on a Keystone Habit this will increase the benefits of your overall wellness.

Sleep is a very important Keystone Habit. If you get enough sleep each night, you will feel more peaceful every day. But if you have an erratic sleep schedule and go to bed at different times every night, you will not feel well. Every decision you make throughout your day will be impacted by your lack of rest. You may feel irritable and create unsatisfactory conditions in your life. There will be a ripple effect from the energy you are vibrating.

You have the ability to control what happens to your physical body because it’s something that can be seen and measured. The key is start with small goals and work your way up to bigger ones. Imbalances occur due to many factors the main ones are stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, environment, and changing sleep schedule. Now I will explain the Keystone Habits you will need to embody to become the healthiest you’ve ever been!

Relaxation- Being in a state of relaxation will allow your body to heal on its own. Many disorders are caused from stress. Anxiety and stress takes away from your body’s natural ability to heal. If you make relaxation a habit, your body will restore and rejuvenate itself. Deep breathing, mediation, herbal supplements, bathing in warm water, walking in nature, and being present are all ways you can learn to relax. Decide that you will no longer allow others to disturb your inner peace and commit to making yourself more relaxed in all ways.

Nourishing Diet- The right kind of nourishing foods will give you the vibrant energy you need to get through your day. Eating primarily raw fruits and vegetables fills your body with abundant minerals, vitamins, and nutrients so you feel well on a consistent basis. Changing your diet will require patience and persistence because you will go through a detoxification process until harmony is reached. By consuming lighter foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds will assist your body in the purification process. If you decide to change your diet and eat healthier, begin with a cleanse. I will talk about cleansing in a future blog and video.

Consistent Exercise- Movement is an essential component to healing the physcial body. Yoga and stretching will help to align your spine and create a peaceful mood. Cardiovascular exercises will increase your immunity and strengthen your heart and lungs. Both will allow you to stay fit and toned allowing you to stay at your ideal weight. If you suffer from anxiety a regular exercise routine will greatly reduce symptoms. Consistent means every day, even if for only 20 minutes. Set-up a routine that works for you and make exercise a priority.

Environment- For you to feel your best physically, your environment must be organized, clean, and harmonious. Let go of anything you no longer use, simplify your life. Arrange the items in your home in a balanced way, allow for space and flow. Environmental factors will have less of an effect on you if your immunity is high due to proper nutrition and exercise.  Take frequent walks in nature and connect with the peace you find there. If you have relationships that no longer work, let them go. Your environment will have an impact on the health of your physcial body for better or worse.

Sleep- Fall asleep and wake up the same time every day, your body loves routine and you will heal more during sleep. Find out how much sleep you require to feel your best and then make it a habit. Create an evening routine that relaxes you. Chamomile tea, reading, and aromatherapy will enable you to have a more restful sleep. Keep a dream journal next to your bed so you will recall your dreams and you can record them in the morning. Begin each day with a morning routine and you will be well on your way to excellent health!

Healing the Physical Body

Additional Techniques for Healing Your Physical Body
  • Spa Treatments- Receiving regular spa treatments will help your body relax and detoxify. You can go to a spa or make your own at home spa. Look online for organic skin care recipes and treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience. Create a relaxing ambiance by adding candles, aromatherapy, and peaceful music.
  • Walks in Nature- Walking in nature resets your energy to a balanced state. Negative ions are present in nature especially in the mountains and ocean. This has a purifying effect on your body and emotions. Make a habit of getting out into nature as much as possible.
  • Breathing- Regular deep breathing exercises will help you come into the present moment and allow your body to heal itself naturally. Practice breathing anytime you feel yourself getting stressed or anxious. A few minutes of awareness and breathing may be all you need to come into a state of relaxation.
  • Taking Supplements- Supplements are helpful if your body is deficient in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Find products that are organic and of the highest quality. Research herbal remedies for any ailments you are experiencing and take supplements that will assist your healing process. Eat foods that will supply your body with what it requires and build a healthy foundation.
  • Sun Exposure- The sun’s rays have a healing effect on the physical body. Get regular sun exposure for short periods of time to get your supply of Vitamin D. Sunbathing will boost our mood and give you an instant boost of energy.

Choose one new healthy habit to work on first. Remember your focus is what creates change so make sure you do not have too many distractions. Stay focused on whatever you are you working on until it is mastered. These are habits that will be with you for a lifetime, so choose well.

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