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Healing the Emotional Body

Healing the Emotional Body

Healing the emotional body is necessary for you to have a higher quality of life. The healing process can take time as you learn to be present with your feelings when they come up. Emotions from the past arise because they are asking to be released. These unexpressed feelings are weighing you down and preventing you from experiencing life in bigger ways.

When you turn towards your feelings instead of running from them, they release and you feel much lighter. This space can be filled instead with peace, joy, and happiness. Unresolved emotional pain can be found in almost everyone. It stays within the energy field until they decide to experience a higher way of living.

Once you make a decision to grow and heal, you will have to go through layers of emotional pain you haven't yet dealt with. As your emotions heal you become whole and integrate all aspects of your being.

Live a Life You Love

The only way to live a life you love is to bring awareness to your feelings. The time frame for healing depends on how courageous you are and the strength of your desire for change. How long have you been avoiding your soul's purpose because you have been afraid to feel? Face your feelings with determination and fearlessness.

I would like to share with you a simple process for emotional healing.  You may apply it to your life immediately and start seeing results. This process will enable you to move through your intense emotions more easily. These emotions are there for you to FEEL, then they release.

Maybe you are scared to feel and tend to do whatever it takes to stop your feelings from surfacing. How do you handle intense emotions when you feel the first sensations stirring within you?  This is an important observation to make so you can stop for a moment instead and allow yourself to feel. Feeling is perfectly fine. You are an emotional being.

Maybe you distract yourself by cleaning the house, watching TV, eating excessively, browsing on your phone, or you are skilled at detaching instead of being present with yourself. Watch what you do next time uncomfortable emotions begin to surface and sit with them.

Your feelings and emotions are your most treasured asset. They are powerful attractors bringing into your experience things that match the exact frequency of your mood. For instance, if you are feeling sad, negative experiences will come into your life. If you are feeling happy, positive experiences will come into your life.

When you create a habit of expressing positive emotions your life will become positive, it’s that simple. Cutting yourself off from feeling will take the bad feelings away temporarily, but they remain within you. Until you release them you cannot access higher states of consciousness.

Reaching a place of balance and harmony within is the goal. Never too high, never too low. Just peace. Once you reach this place, things outside of you no longer trigger your emotional body because you will have healed those things. Nothing happens from outside of you, it all comes from within. As you heal within, everything heals without.

You are here to feel your emotions and live the life of your dreams. If you would like to reach your potential, you have to feel your feelings. They are not scary, it just feels that way until you work through your fears and begin loving yourself.

Emotional Healing Process

Emotional Healing

By practicing this process you will learn how to feel your emotions. It will assist you in becoming whole and reclaiming walled off parts of yourself. When you feel deeply you become strong and empowered. Use this process anytime you have emotions that are intense and you would like to have them release.

Your strong negative emotions come from prior events you haven't healed yet. Become friends with the child within you and give them the nurturing they deserve. The child within is really your subconscious mind which has complete control over your automatic reactions. Once you begin to feel more at peace your subconscious mind or inner child will begin to work along with you and help you bring your dreams into reality.

  1. Sit in a quiet place where you can be alone. Nature is a great place to do this work, it will assist the process. Make sure you have a lot of time so you will not be rushed.
  2. Begin taking long, slow, deep breaths. Relax your body completely. This may take several minutes.
  3. Feel deeply into whatever you are experiencing. Feel it as much as you can. Give it as much time and space as it needs. Where is it located in your body? Maybe the feelings need to be expressed in some way through sounds or movements. This is the inner child responding to a situation and they need to be witnessed, allow that to happen. Stay with it, you will be fine. Do not leave yourself or the child within you. You dont have to do anything except feel whatever is coming up and at the same time be completely OK with whatever that looks like at the time. Learning just to sit with yourself in this way will bring stability to your emotional body.
  4. Tell yourself how much you love yourself and how it's perfectly alright that to feel this way. Give yourself love even though you may be feeling very uncomfortable. Accept yourself in all ways, every aspect of you is beautiful.
  5. You may experience relief immediately or the releasing of that particular emotion may take longer depending on what it is. Take as long as you need to feel things completely.
  6. As you practice this emotional healing technique you will learn how to apply it in your daily life. If something happens that would normally send you into an emotional response, you will decide instead not react, therefore preventing the build-up of more emotional blocks in your energy field.
  7. Write in an emotional healing journal about each experience you have with this so you can track your progress and see how you are advancing in your ability to sit with yourself and your feelings.
Methods for Healing Your Emotions

Healing the Emotional Body

Talk to Someone- Find someone who can listen attentively and understand how you feel. Speaking about your feelings will help them release and bring understanding  to your situation. If you do not have someone that you can speak openly with, join a group and meet new people who are interested in the same things you are.

Be Authentic- Being authentic means being your true self and expressing your needs at the time they arise. Speak how you really feel in situations with others and try to be as truthful as possible. This will prevent you from accumulating unwanted inner frustration and pain. Speak your truth and your truth shall set you free.

Journal Writing- Create a habit of writing in a journal every morning or evening. Express your feelings freely in your journal. If you find yourself spinning in an emotional circle that you cannot escape, try journaling about what your grateful for and why. This will help you see the bright side and once you begin to be grateful for who you are are and where your at all good things will be attracted to you. Be aware that you do not mask your negative feelings with positivity, but dont sit in them too long without releasing them either.

Emotional Release- Practice the Emotional Release Technique until you are proficient and you begin to welcome your feelings no matter what they are. As you release more over time you will find yourself coming into a place of peace and balance.

Meditation- A daily meditation practice should be a part of your daily life. There is no other practice that is more soothing to your emotional body. Meditating for longer periods of time will help you rapidly move through things. Ideally you should be meditating for one hour every morning, however it may take time to work your way up to that goal. Begin at 20 minutes every morning and begin seeing improvements within a few weeks.

Have Faith- Cultivating faith will help you see that everything happens for a reason and you are being strengthened to be able to handle more responsibility which comes with standing in your full potential. Having faith will carry you through the most difficult times and will bring you gently back to love and understanding. You are never alone, you are on this path to find true happiness.

Be Creative- Emotional energy can be expressed through creativity. Some of the best works of art have been created through channeling emotional energy. Find your favorite form of creative expression and put your whole self into it.

Practice Yoga- Being present in your body will help you to feel grounded and confident. Yoga helps the stuck emotional energy in the body release and come to the surface. Begin a daily yoga practice to help you feel aligned and balanced.

Receive a Massage- As you know emotions are held within the body and massage can assist you in releasing them. Make sure you work with a therapist you trust and who has a background working with emotional release practices.

Hydrotherapy- Water is closely linked to emotional energy. The element of water will help cleanse your emotions. Visiting the ocean is very nourishing for the emotional body. Negative ions are present at the ocean and this cleanses your energy field of unwanted emotional energy. Taking baths with essential oils and sea salt will cleanse your emotions as well. Make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, this alone will make you feel much better.

Love Yourself- Everything we have talked about so far comes back to loving yourself. As you show yourself loving kindness everyday and accept who you are along with what you are feeling, your emotions will settle. Giving yourself permission t have feelings and to love yourself in all ways even when you have undesirable ones is key. The entire spiritual journey is about self-love.

Emotional Body's Connection to the Whole

The emotional body has a connection with the other bodies in the system which include: mental, physical, creative, and spiritual. When you practice uplifting routines within the other bodies as well, it will help you cope with emotional distress more easily. With practice you will move towards the emotional healing that you seek.

Experiment with the techniques I mentioned here you will find a couple that work well for your lifestyle. Use them often and watch as you effectively move through the layers and heal your emotional body.

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  1. This has come at just the right time for me. I have been sorting through my record and CD collection for the past week and a lot of emotional connections with the music I have collected over the years have come up. Some of the methods you give for healing your emotions I already do – recently started Yoga at home and noticed I felt much better. Luckily I am very artistic and that has been a good release for me and I spend a lot of time in water as I swim in a salt water pool most days! Once again thank you for your help and your work.

    Remember, Elizabeth

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