Harmonization of the Five Bodies

You can experience a feeling of inner peace everyday. There are no limits to the kind of life you can create. For this transformation to occur, you must harmonize the five bodies that have an impact on the wholeness of your being.

There are five main bodies which you cannot actually see, besides the physical, that when in harmony act as an anchor to your soul. This will enable you to experience a sense of groundedness and allow you to bring your greatest heart’s desire into reality.

The five bodies that we will be exploring in depth in the next several blogs and videos are the Emotional Body, Mental Body, Physical Body, Creative Body, and Spiritual Body. In each lesson you will learn how to know if you are unbalanced in a particular area, what the processes are that you can implement today that will have the most dramatic effect on your life, and how each of these bodies come together to complete a perfect whole.

An inner feeling of balance, purity, and love comes from harmony within all the systems of your seen and unseen aspects. When you systematically bring each area into alignment a sense of wholeness will permeate your being. You are a star and you will shine brightly and consistently once you have the proper knowledge of how to harmonize these key areas.

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There is so much healing information out there, but most of it is ineffective because it’s incomplete, only covering a couple of areas. If you want true and lasting change then you must look at all areas. It is my purpose to help you bring transformation into your life. You will learn processes that in time will bring the changes you have been seeking.

When you have the whole picture you will see how everything fits together. You will find that you seem to excel in certain areas, yet in other areas you don’t have the slightest clue how to even begin. In this case you would want to put all of your efforts into those areas that need healing the most, the proficient areas are already habits and can be improved upon further in time. Your main priority is to understand where you are not experiencing balance and to work on improvements there first.

Even if you acquired everything you wanted in a material sense, there would still be a void within you if any of these five bodies were out of alignment. Transformation can happen in an instant, but most of the time it comes from years of dedication, hard work, and focus. You must grow and mature to become your best self.

Sometimes it may even appear as if nothing is happening while you are going through the healing process, but that is when everything is happening. One day you will wake up and realize that you are not your old self any longer. Your old patterns, beliefs, and habits have been transformed and you have come into alignment with your essence. This is what you are trying to achieve.


Wishing things were different will not bring you the results you desire. There are methods that you must use to assist your transformational process so you heal much more quickly. Once you learn these processes you can slowly begin to implement them into your life, therefore creating new habits and experiencing a complete transformation.

The dream in your heart is what you are reaching for. It is the template of who you are at your core. If you would like to experience the wholeness of who you are, then you must be committed and take responsibility. It’s much easier to do the work than it is to feel regret that you are not showing up as your true self in all ways.

In the next few weeks I will be talking in depth about each of these five bodies and giving you the simple methods on how to balance, heal, and transform each one. I’m really looking forward to sharing this information with you as I know it will bring you everything you are seeking if you apply it.



3 thoughts on “Harmonization of the Five Bodies

  1. I’m so excited that you are back and about these series! I have been purging much trauma and it’s every other day so I can’t hear my higher self on the emotional matter lately, I feel though I’ll find balance once these energies are gone (I sit with them 😃). Can’t wait to see all the tips, especially about the emotional body. People who are born emotionally balanced are lucky indeed although the emotional people are the big manifestors and energy carriers.
    Love you!

  2. yea, glad to see you’re back, also. your positive message is pretty darn, uh, positive and is a good foil to all the negativity floating around these days.

  3. Angelica, you have helped me so much on your youtube channel angelstarcreations! I followed you over to evolutionary soul awhile back. Thank you so much for the work you do. Im so excited you are back!

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