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ESSanctuary44Your home is a sanctuary, a place where you find refuge and spend most of your time. It should be comfortable, peaceful, and serene. It doesn't matter if you live in a large home or a room. You can create glorious surroundings wherever you are.

Make your sanctuary a place where you can relax and do things you love. If you watch television, start reading books instead. This will create harmony in your environment. You can design your home any way you choose. It's about simplicity and flow. 

Let go of items you do not use. If your life feels out of balance it could be you need to let go of some things to create space. As you let go of old items, new ones will come in and will be more aligned with your energy. Make sure there are always clear pathways for energy to circulate. If the energy in your space is free flowing you will create a vortex of abundance.

Using feng shui principals you can arrange the items in your home to create harmony. In feng shui each area of your home or room corresponds to a direction, season, color, and element. If you need to bring balance to any area of your life, check the bagua for the place in your home that corresponds to it. Feng shui will give you ideas of how to improve the energy of that area. Transform your life by surrounding yourself in balance, harmony, and beauty. 

Attune your home to the rhythms of nature. This is where everything vibrates in a perfected state. Create the feelings of love, peace, and happiness within your home. Align your space with the highest aspects of who you are. Uplift your surroundings to bring you into a state of abundance. 

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