EScreativity11Creativity is a desire to bring something new into reality. Your creative ideas will bring you great joy if given expression. Acting on your creative impulses will take you to amazing places. As you practice your creative faculties will begin functioning at high levels. 

There is always a growth phase from the conception of an idea to the birth of the creation. The length of time depends on what you are creating. The creative process is exciting and can be enjoyed as much as the creation itself. 

Creativity doesn't only apply to artistic skills. You can add creativity to anything and make it expand. There are no situations in life that creativity cannot renew. There is always a solution and a way to improve. If life is ever expanding than you must expand with it. Think of new ideas and take action to their fulfillment. 

Sometimes the creative process will ask you to shed old ways of being as you step into your new creation. Anything you can envision you can create. Little children laugh, pretend, and daydream all day long. This is what we are moving back to. We are the magical creators of our reality having fun and enjoy life to the highest extent. 

What kind of magic would you like to create next? Allow your creative mind to dream big. Align your energy with your creation which is already a reality in the spiritual realm. Now it has to be formed through your active participation with the process. Nothing is off limits you can have anything you can imagine in your mind. Be patient and know everything has a divine time just allow yourself to move more deeply into your creation's energy. 

Paint a spectacular painting. Make some jewelry, candles, or soaps. Organize a craft day and invite your friends and family and eat healthy snacks. Go to the craft store and find a creative project to make. Be creative with the plan for your life always look for ways to increase and expand. 

Creativity brings out the playful side of your personality. Having fun is the purpose of your life. You should be living a life you love. Get out and have fun. Be creative and inventive. Watch children and how they play. They are creative and fascinated, always coming up with new ideas and questions. They are flowing in the magic of life and are always happy to receive.

As you practice using your creative abilities they will begin to overflow in abundance. You will always have a new creative idea. Everyone has a unique creative signature. Make a list of creative things you can do to help you relax and enjoy your life.

Creativity will assist you in making decisions and you will handle situations in new ways. Open your awareness to the creative spirit of life. 

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