8 Ways to Gain Confidence

Confidence gives you a feeling of freedom that you can be all that you are. In a big way. If there are aspects of your personality you shut down or hide from others, confidence will give you the boost you need to shine your light. You can feel great just by being you and have fun doing what you love.

Over the years I have discovered ways to develop my self-confidence. I have practiced these 8 Ways To Gain Confidence consistently. The only thing required is patience and persistence and you will gain confidence.

Take small steps and be easy on yourself. Choose an item from the list below and implement it into your daily routine. Over time you will see your self-confidence increase dramatically. Things take time to build so understand that you are embarking on a journey not an instant fix. Be happy along the way.

If you have a dream in your heart you can make it a reality. There are things you must elevate first within your body, mind, and soul. As you progress you will begin to discover a deep sense of self-love welling up inside you as you dive deeper into the hidden places of your heart. Be Bold. Be Confident. Follow Your Dreams.


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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams."


  1. Follow Your Dreams- Be different, express your unique talents, have fun, and experience joy. You have something great to share with the world. People who are confident follow their dreams. What is your heart saying to you? Listen and follow your intuition, nothing is off limits.
  2. Walk Through Fear- Anything that is worth doing will feel scary at first. Then you will realize that fear is only an illusion. Once this realization occurs you will feel a sense of excitement and anticipation bubbling inside you instead. Fear is the feeling you get when you are moving outside of your comfort zone. Face the things you fear so you can see for yourself that you are always being divinely guided.
  3. Affirmations- Replace old stories and beliefs with inspirational affirmations. You can boost your confidence by saying new words to yourself out loud and in your mind. Express yourself in a higher way, and speak as a confident person would. Tailor your affirmations to meet your specific needs and personality. Commit your affirmations to memory.
  4. Presence- Always align your posture correctly to improve your self confidence. This will allow you to stand tall with your head held up high.  You will always look at the bright side of life while standing up straight with shoulders back. Yoga can also help you align your spine which makes you stay youthful.
  5. Focus on You- Do not worry about what other people think because if you align yourself properly with the higher principals of life, it will alter to your satisfaction. Others act as a mirrors. If you radiate confidence others will mirror back positive responses.
  6. Believe in Yourself- You have talent. There are probably many things you are great at. The things you love doing  will also be the ones you are good at. Find out which activities you love doing and design your life around them. When you are doing things you excel at you will start to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will develop your confidence.
  7. Get Healthy- In order to feel great every day and exude confidence you must take care of your physical body. There isn't a single thing that helped me more on my journey than being healthy. This means eating a healthy, organic, vegan diet and daily exercise. If you feel good you will look good, feel energetic, be happy, and feel confident.
  8. Practice- As you practice using the above processes you will gain confidence using your skills. This will continue to increase the abundance in your life. Forge a path that is unlike any others. Be Confident. This is what true happiness and freedom is.
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8 Ways to Gain Confidence

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